Your torrenting past affecting your future pt3

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Dec 23, 2013
The Netherlands
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Normally othersna brought this issue a bit more to the attention of everyone with his previous blogs and maybe we weren't all that clear anymore since he left us, perhaps it's needed to clarify one of our rules.

Recently with the leak people are again wondering which places they can safely use and which not, and if visiting some other forums might have consequences here on TPS. Well yes, visiting the wrong forums does affect your account here, if you are already a member here or not. We check every application with a team of staffers and especially look at your torrenting past. Alot of members make it through but alot of them don't. One of the reasons people can't join is there torrenting past on other forums, and also the fact if they answer questions about it honestly. When people tell us they aren't on any other torrent related forums and we find them being there they don't make it through the application. When people are honest about it we look at their activity and how they used that forum. We do this not to harrass people but to make sure members of TPS don't face any surprises when they should invite a friend from here to their favorite tracker.

But it's not all that simple and that's also the reason we don't have a black&white rule on it. Alot of forums are out there, and altough for most of them it's pretty clear they allow shady deals there are also others that are 100% safe and some others that are in a grey area. We could make a list of forums that are or aren't accepted by trackers but it's impossible to do since new forums are born daily, other forums change their ways and foreign forums are hard to check out (we do it but it takes alot of time). We are aware people ask questions about the safety of other forums they frequent and on how it could affect their TPS membership in the future.

The most important thing is you tell us about your other memberships on your application. When we discover some things later which you didn't tell us right away it's pretty hard for us to just let it pass. We also expect our members to stop visiting the forums that operate in a grey area but ofcourse you can visit the safe ones as much as you want. Now how do you know the forum is good or not? If they have a trading/selling section they are bad for sure and if you're active in those you don't belong here and will get banned for sure. If they allow GA's of whatever kind to trackers that specifically forbid that they are also bad. If people on there pm you daily asking for tracker invites then it clearly is shady. If they are safe on all of that but change their approach and start allowing stuff stop using it immediately. Many forums can easily be browsed without logging in like the most used TI ones, logging in means to us you still participate in some way which can be active on the forum itself or through pm's there. Ofcourse we can't go checking every single post or pm people put there so be aware even when you just log in it's already raising suspicion.

We don't go throwing the ban hammer around with for example this latest db-leak from but we would like to remind you it is not a safe place to be active on. Not only the many db-leaks should be a warning for you but also the fact some trackers will ban you for being there, and that could be of influence to other TPS members you invite somewhere or get invited by. It's pretty normal for new guys in the torrenting world to start their experience on such forums, from the moment you arrive here we strongly believe those shady forums have nothing extra to offer or as said you can browse them without logging in.

You can read part 1 and part 2 if you like, when you're new here it can be of guidance to you.