Real Friends: How Many Of Us?

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Nov 22, 2016
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My last blog post was about TPS' role in facilitating entry, but there's a 3rd head of the hydra of What's death that's rearing its ugly head right now: real friends.

I know not a single soul in real life who uses private trackers. Now though, it's the standard in which invites must be dealt on various trackers with more joining that mind state slowly but surely. Maybe some of you have this luxury, but I'd wager that most of you don't know your inviters or invitees in real life either. What's death showed just how dangerous this thing of ours can be & now everyone's holding with their cards very tightly to their chest because the risk is seemingly too high not to. I don't disagree here, but now more than ever it seems like invites are destined to collect dust because of the large lack of trust.

"Make friends" has become the default answer to entry questions since there still isn't & seemingly won't be a central hub for gaining access. I have personally attested to friendship helping me out in the past. However, that person & I don't know each other IRL & I was banned on a tracker because of it. When it happened I was pretty alarmed as one might expect. The staff were cordial about it thankfully, but I was given the 3rd degree about our familiarity. My answers weren't good enough & *poof*, account deactivated. I spoke to said friend about it, thanking him for his generosity & opportunity. I then dropped it because I didn't feel a right to "fight" for my spot. They're the judge, jury, & executioner of their domain. I am no one to question that. The story ends happily with reactivation but some aren't so lucky. I've heard of entire trees biting the dust because the guy at the top used his invites too liberally.

Don't worry; this isn't some gloom & doom tale about stranger danger. It is, however, a cautionary tale with myself as proof that this danger is becoming very real very fast on some of the best trackers out there. TheDeh told me that the last post was my first step in gaining friendship with many here. I was flattered, but having been in the situation I was put in since then I'm now apprehensive on whether this is even worth it or not. My inviter was banned too & I'll be honest: I did feel some culpability for his demise. I don't want to put others in this same position again.

But this is the question of the thread: As more trackers scrutinize friendship how many of you think it's worth the risk to invite despite it? Do you at all?

I've read several threads that speak on the luck or lack thereof with IRL friends & most say that their friends ended up deactivated due to inactivity. As streaming services improve I believe interest will continue to wane. A previous blog asked if trackers faced an existential threat in the government. I think this is the real existential dilemma.

Maybe, rather, hopefully, this is just a phase & the more open system from before will resurface. From the way it's handled now though, I'm not holding my breath. Thanks for reading.
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