It's 2016. Why Do You Torrent?

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Feb 2, 2009
I pirate to find good music and hidden gems. Pirating has enriched my life. I discovered music I'd otherwise not know about.


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May 10, 2010
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I know I've responded, to this thread, at least once, may be even twice, and I'm pretty sure, each post was for different reasons. The "Pirate" in me, over these many years, has changed, and thus, my attitude for torrenting has also changed. It is now 2019, and I started my "road to Hell" with Demonoid. Many of the torrent sites I've belonged to, like Demon, are either gone, or a pale comparison to what they were.

The biggest loss was What, the amount of material that was of "library" content, may never be found, or collected in one place ever again. If you look at a torrent site as a Library, then the powers-that-be taking down a site, is like during the Holocaust time of burning books, only this is ANY content. Anything that is "man-made" is going to fail... CD's have a life of something like ten years, and I am sure DVDs and Blu-Ray have similar lifetimes. I've been on this nostalgic TV kick recently, and have been finding out that many of the "old" TV shows were either recorded over once they were broadcast, or they never kept them, or the ravages of time (and the film they used at the time) have made them useless. If it weren't for torrent "copies" of these on the file sharing sites, these would never be seen again.

I know I could blame costs of media, availability, being cheap, not having a decent income, or just the simple answer of being a "Pirate" as excuses, but the truth of the matter is, media has become a "leased" commodity. You don't "own" it anymore, you borrow it, you rent it, and even when you think you have bought it out-right, you continue to pay for it. e.g. Windows OS... you don't buy it, you rent / lease it for a year. Used to be, you bought MS Office, now you rent it for 365 days. Being from an age of purchase, this just seems to slap the average consumer in the face.

Now, don't get me wrong, I truly BLEED for poor Mr. Dee Snyder and his lost profits, but many artists have seen their profits going out the window, and not due to the piracy of their albums, but rather, the raping of their profits from their own record label. Many artists have seen this, and gone to releasing albums direct to download. Many TV Stations have seen the future, and gone to allowing streaming of their shows from their web sites. We are the future. We may be pirates, but, we are what the future is moving to. If anything, torrent sites are the "repository" of media, the Library, and the future storage of the past, present, and future. If the whole "piracy" thing could be nulled, these places are where a collection point is being made, and contained for the future generations to hear, or see.