Happy Easter TPS


Legatus Legionis
Mar 3, 2017
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Wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a very Happy Easter. Whether its Easter Egg hunts for the kids, eating heaps of chocolate, celebrating the religious aspect of the day, spending the day with family and loved ones, even just having a day off work, etc, I wanted to wish all a good one and a safe one. For those of you who are taking road trips, please drive safely and enjoy whatever you're doing.

I'm sure this day means so many different things to all of us but to me, its a good excuse to spoil my kids with Easter eggs, and myself of course and take a moment to remember how lucky I am. I have my health, my family by my side, have a job and a roof over my head and have a beautiful wife who supports me through my life. That being said, my thoughts go out to all of those out there who aren't as lucky, don't have homes, are ill, and generally in a bad way.

Can't believe its already this time of year. Feels like yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy new year. Anyways, thanks again for having me TPS, and on a more light hearted note, please lets not forget exactly how these eggs are made!!!!