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Jul 5, 2011
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Roughly a year ago iNK (aka KoOlWaReZ) popped up apparently out of nowhere having the best line audio. Not a long wait before some group hooked up with. PrisM talked things out in their IRC and incorporated in its releases, iNK awesome audio. After a while PrisM started retagging his pieces as PrisM-iNK. No one really knew where they eventually went; all anyone knew is that soon after iNK showed up, PrisM was out of the scene. Disappeared. To this day people still ignore the facts, except that Uncle's cammer got busted and PrisM fearing to be snitched on, decided to just quit the game. Apparently iNK was only doing audio and a couple sync gigs here and there, according to them.
Fast forwarding a bit to earlier this year iNK joined up with T0XiC and provided them with line sync audios, hence they got renamed to T0XiC-iNK and then soon after T0XiCiNK. After a few jobs T0XiC stops releasing and iNK seems to become a free agent once again. According to them T0XiC was just reaping their work so iNK decided to do it alone. T0XiC then gave up because couldn't compete anymore.

A few months later iNK starts releasing under EP1C. Meantime IMAGiNE and EP1C joined the table and get close. At this point in time EP1C started spitting out awesome releases until their main line audio supplier has taken down. Still he has the time to say that iNK is supposedly the cause. Anyhow iNK retains the innocence, but the whole story begins to get suspicious as it seems that around iNK bad things happens. By now something must have gone wrong, because iNK gets suddenly banned from IMAGiNE "new" tracker and soon after the entire EP1C crew.
EP1C first reaction to all this, was to starting a war, later on backtracked. iNK realizes IMAGiNE banned them for their own security so decide to call it a day.
EP1C final release is dated June 15th. At the end of July the house of's Admin gets raided by the feds, thinking he's part of IMAGiNE. On September 9th IMAGiNE gets out his last release to date.
In a couple of days DIGITALiNK, credited to be the founder of EP1C, comes forward saying that nine individuals of IMAGiNE got busted. The article on TF is three days old.

However it seems that only four of them got visited by the authorities and their computer seized by ICE agents. Don't forget we don't know how many people IMAGiNE team is composed of. Most of the suppliers were spread around the world. It's been said that at least two of the guys had been raided where seen on IRC, chatting with friends that confirmed they were real. Or were they? If I were an agent first thing I'd take possess of the accounts and start investigating from there, of course. But that's for some other day.

Does the name DIGITALiNK ring any bells?
Well, let's re-draw the picture. Last year this iNK jumps out of the rabbit hole and impresses PrisM with its sources and skills. Later their leader Uncle, being around few years already, sees his sources get busted and retires afraid in the shadows. iNK goes to T0XiC and again the group stops releasing. EP1C emerges from the ashes, but shortly their main line supplier gets busted. EP1C call it quits. In the following two months XstreamSpeed and UtN are forced to shut down and IMAGiNE get touch for the first time.
So who is DIGITALiNK? DIGITALiNK is iNK, he's EP1C and some many other alias' he assumed in the past few years. He was making his own rep, like the time he was in UtN shout, trying to hunt down someone who leaked one of his internal releases. Encoder after encoder, group after group, over twenty-five people that have dealt with him were taken into custody, but not one had given his info up for lenience, because always according to him, they've failed or been snitched on by someone else.
iNK was the guy that after scenepalace demoted him, he reported their Paypal account for fraud and had the site investigated by Paypal.
iNK is the guy who, after buying a ftp server, tried to push all the vips at UtN to sign it up. Undeterred by the UtN staff asked him to stop, he kept going adding users, logs and ips.
iNK is now been banned on over 80 trackers and I hope nobody will try do get around him.

What if there's more? Is it possible we are just asking the wrong questions? Who does ICE work for? How many people are behind iNK work? There's been a major change in the last two years as we have seen over 10 groups disappear in the p2p community.
DrinkOrDie (DoD) was a worldwide underground software piracy group and warez trading network during the '90s. In 2001 the group was taken apart in a U.S. Customs operation called Operation Buccaneer. The global raids were initiated after information was given by James Cudney. The guy quickly rose up the ranks of DOD council where he spent many years working undercover for US Customs, logging conversations in chat rooms and channels visited on IRC, screenames, ftp locations, nationalities. He also carried out undercover operations in the UK, France, and the US prior to the arrests, collecting sensitive information on everybody he had contact with.
Are they out there like Indians? Mmm... It’s just a thought. Just a thought...
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Dec 6, 2010
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ok great read here but i happen to know first hand about alot of this so lets clear a few things up the main line guy for epic was not ink ink rated on him he got busted. toxic never got busted toxic left ink as he was a prick and toxic just quit tired of dealing with it all. now we know for sure ink was either a rat or a agent himself most of what you said is on point
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