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A Year In Retrospect

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53 weeks ago I decided broken DDL links & public trackers weren't good enough anymore, so I took a look around to find something else. I stumbled upon this thing of ours & luckily AlphaRatio had open registration. Sweet. I started googling for better trackers, the ways to access them, & what it'd take for me to survive there. Prior to this I had no clue about maintaining a ratio or what a seedbox even was. The learning curve wasn't so steep, but I will admit I'm disappointed by one thing: the "community" aspect of it all.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great people who chill in the...

Real Friends: How Many Of Us?

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My last blog post was about TPS' role in facilitating entry, but there's a 3rd head of the hydra of What's death that's rearing its ugly head right now: real friends.

I know not a single soul in real life who uses private trackers. Now though, it's the standard in which invites must be dealt on various trackers with more joining that mind state slowly but surely. Maybe some of you have this luxury, but I'd wager that most of you don't know your inviters or invitees in real life either. What's death showed just how dangerous this thing of ours can be & now everyone's holding with their...

The Private Tracker Barrier Of Entry & TPS' Role In Gate Keeping

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The loss of What.CD was the loss of the greatest collection of music ever created, but there was another effect of its demise: accessibility to the private tracker community diminished severely afterward as well. Anyone new to the community would be advised to take What's interview, even if their interest in music wasn't that high, simply because succeeding there pretty much assured entry to almost anywhere they wanted to be. That gateway is gone now.

Looking back at how active TPS used to be circa 2008-2009 it seems TPS played a much larger role in facilitating the entry to this thing of...

Is the private tracker community facing an existential threat?

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I think we can all agree that twenty-sixteen has been a dumpster fire of a year. We've seen the rise of Trump including a resurgence of overt bigotry and racism, the Syrian humanitarian crisis, the exit of Britain from the EU, a string of beloved-celebrity deaths, and to top it all off, our little corner of the internet has come under attack from law enforcement.

The sudden closure of BCG by the UK's Intellectual Property Crime Unit saw the arrest of two UK nationals responsible for operating the site, including pjcnet pjcnet , one of the most beloved staffers in the PT...

The tragedy that is the loss of What.CD

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After 8 years of membership I took for granted the enduring existence of What.CD, a tracker I viewed as a most stable pillar of the greater community.

Celebrated for countless reasons, be it as the music wing of the revered "holy trinity"; pioneering the Gazelle/Ocelot framework; or as a gateway for new members into private torrenting, What.CD comes with a near 10 year history - an entire generation of influence still felt everywhere throughout the community.

What.CD was not just the replacement to OiNK, it set a new standard to which virtually every other tracker would aspire. It seemed...