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After 8 years of membership I took for granted the enduring existence of What.CD, a tracker I viewed as a most stable pillar of the greater community.

Celebrated for countless reasons, be it as the music wing of the revered "holy trinity"; pioneering the Gazelle/Ocelot framework; or as a gateway for new members into private torrenting, What.CD comes with a near 10 year history - an entire generation of influence still felt everywhere throughout the community.

What.CD was not just the replacement to OiNK, it set a new standard to which virtually every other tracker would aspire. It seemed like it would go on forever.

Then in an instant, it was gone.

Personally I never really used What.CD. I had a ~100GB buffer and donated for immunity to inactivity pruning, and in the last several...
Originally published 05-27-16 to The Innerspace Connection by yours truly.

ed. note: While my journal focuses primarily on milestones of music history, today's entry is particularly relevant to TPS, as it highlights a core text of our internet freedoms. As the paper is more relevant now than ever before, I thought it important to share this piece of history to remind us all of the freedoms we must defend. Enjoy!

Over the past several months I’ve taken a considerable interest in Copyright Reform, Fair Use, Free Culture, and the fight for Internet Freedom. I purchased a copy of Prof. Lawrence Lessig’s cornerstone text, Free Culture and have been reading papers on the subject at every opportunity.

This returned my attention to one of the most prophetic and...
What follows is a short stream-of-consciousness piece I wrote this evening after becoming increasingly frustrated by how candid I have to be when writing/speaking about my media library.


We Are All Criminals

Music is inherently a social system. Music scholars, historians, archivists, and an entire generation of self-made cultural custodians need to share their musical experiences with one another. This sense of community gives substance and shape to an otherwise formless and stagnant medium.

Unfortunately, the copyright industry has crippled that facet of social development with the legal construct of Intellectual Property, effectively criminalizing hundreds of millions of people for the way they consume their media. Avid fans of an artist, composer, or an entire...
The title could be misinterpreted, and if so, my apologies. However, the question still stands. Why do you torrent?

What is the major motivator behind your filesharing activity? What is it about torrenting that keeps you engaged? Of all the ways that you could acquire your content, why do you choose this way? Don't freak out, this isn't an attempt to bust anyone, or any kind of suspicious post. It is a genuine question posed to facilitate conversation, and perhaps a deeper understanding of the what, how, and why we participate in this often-criticized practice.

Some people have graduated to using Bittorrent to share files, often coming from a predecessor platform of some kind (filesharing ancestors, if you will). Others have known nothing else. Some use it because they have not found...
So in the years that I have been part of TPS, I have made a point to myself to keep away from the public blog. For personal reasons, I believe the Public Blog can be a bit intimidating at times. However I come here often and read more than what I comment or reply to it.

Today I want to make a short exception to that personal rule. Today I want quickly to talk about The Pirate Society, and what it means to me and to some of us that have worked for years to have this massive vessel, where is it at, and what it is today.

We have established relationships across many different communities, and we have been able to make friends that will truly last a life time.

The knowledge that I have been able to acquire here and thru here has been paramount to me. Not to mention the friendships that...
There's been talk about our list from time to time, so I just wanted to clarify what it represents, and for that matter, what it doesn't represent. First, a little history (which TPS members know already) . Prior to its creation, there was no such thing at other invite forums. At those forums, you could offer or request any tracker, and at times that offer or request would be against tracker rules and the offerer or recipient would get himself banned from the tracker. Some invite forums then decided to hide their activities, by asking members to use different nicknames as from their trackers, and asking that usernames and stats be blacked out on "ratio proofs," so they wouldn't get caught by trackers. (No matter. These "dodgy forums" would get infiltrated by trackers and people still...
So in a previous article I mentioned how to handle your situation if you have had a "past" at a "dodgy invite forum," especially the ones which allow "really bad behavior" like trading or selling. So for this part 2 article, let me assume that you as a n00b joined one (or 2) of these forums, made a few posts, maybe grabbed some invites and gave out an invite (or 2). I assume it was against the rules of the tracker for you to receive or give out those invites, and one or more of those places has banned you. Now I assume when applying for TPS membership, you did the "right thing" and came clean with us, detailing everything you've done with us and did not hide anything. You gave us all of your profile links to those "bad forums" and have left them permanently, and we've invited you....
Some of my blog articles reflect some of the conversations which have gone on at TPS, and I wanted to share them with our non-TPS members who read the blog, plus it provides more "food for thought" for our members. Here are 2 short articles.

If You Invited a Bad User

1. You meet a guy at TPS or at your trackers, and he seems to share your interest in movies/music/tv etc. Seems like a friendly, good guy, and one day he mentions he's interested in a particular tracker. Being diligent, you ask him to give you a profile link and you even PM him at the link to make sure he's genuine. then you invite him to the place he wants into. A week later, you get a PM from a tracker staff saying the guy you invited was a bad user, you just lost your invite...