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OB's NY resolution: making moolah thru YT & keeping TPS afloat

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In 2017 I had the idea of writing books for a living - it wasn't as easy and/or lucrative as I'd thought though. That's a euphemism for saying I fucked up - I didn't make a dime, zilch, nada, nothing. And that in turn is a euphemism of saying, I didn't finish any book to date. Plenty of ideas and half-written manuscripts lying about, which is as good as nothing.

So 2018 is the time for change. Radical change. A complete overhaul of the whats and hows and whys of what I been up to.
My new thing is creating content on YouTube. Research tells me it's hard but possible to make dough off of...


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With 2018 fast approaching, it's a perfect time to think about our New Years Resolutions, if you're into it that is. I must admit, I've had more failed attempts than successes but just like the end of every year, I say, this year will be different. Maybe my lack of success is all in the type of resolution I make for myself. Are you the same??

For me, the hands down topic which has frequently come up is health and diet. My diet is shitty and health is OK but could be better. I've been following a heap of You Tube channels based on Raw food diets, Vegan eating and the natural way...

Another Year

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Hi everyone, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone here, a Happy Xmas followed by a very Happy New Year. Every year seems to come around faster than the last and before we know it it'll be half way into 2018. I hope we all have a safe and joyous holiday break, some shorter than others no doubt.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank TPS for welcoming me into this great community and although i am not as active as some on the site, I certainly do acknowledge and value my membership to the site. I said it when I first joined and will say it again, I am honoured to...


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Magic mushrooms, Shrooms, Psilocybin, Im sure we all know what they are, how they work. Most of us have either tried them, had someone we know try them and/ or heard stories of the good, the bad and the downright crazy experiences while on them. I remember when I was a teenager, so many of my friends would go mushroom picking and take handfuls of them and trip out for hours. I never tried them however now in my late 30s I found myself curious to say the least when I was listening to a podcast and the term Micro Dosing came up. At the time i had absolutely no idea what the term meant so...

So Sad That It Should Come To This.

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So Sad That It Should Come To This

What.cd surely has a special place in every pirates heart, I know it does for me, and most likely to whoever is reading. We lost a huge building block in the piracy world on this day one year ago. It seems like it’s been much longer. In the time since then many new trackers have appeared, but none are anywhere close to as influential or as amazing as that little website we all used to call home. They still haven’t really approached the torrent count. We all know that wasn’t what made What.cd special anyway, not really.

What.cd hit one million torrents...

Your torrenting past affecting your future pt3

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Normally othersna brought this issue a bit more to the attention of everyone with his previous blogs and maybe we weren't all that clear anymore since he left us, perhaps it's needed to clarify one of our rules.

Recently with the T-I.com leak people are again wondering which places they can safely use and which not, and if visiting some other forums might have consequences here on TPS. Well yes, visiting the wrong forums does affect your account here, if you are already a member here or not. We check every application with a team of staffers and especially look at your torrenting past...